10 April

KNA Meeting Minutes Feb + March 2012

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Below links are the minutes to the February 7, 2012 KNA meeting:
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Below links are the minutes to the March 6, 2012 KNA meeting:
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5 April

Kilauea Traffic Survey

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The link below is the copy of the Kilauea Traffic Survey required by County Public Works of the Hunt Group for their Kilauea Lighthouse Village project.
110901 DRAFT Kilauea TIAR

1 April

Kilauea Easter Egg Hunt April 7th

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Kilauea Easter Egg hunt is on Saturday, April 7th!
The volunteers of the Kilauea Community Outreach Program have a request.
KCOP is looking for community members to fill 10 Easter baskets to be given out as prizes for our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kilauea Park on April 7th. Please email Tamra atmartintamra@hotmail.com if you are willing contribute a basket. We will provide the empty baskets and wrappers.

25 March

Kilauea LIghthouse Planning Commission Meeting

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Kilauea LIghthouse Village/Planning Commission meeting
The last chance to give public input on the Kilauea LIghthouse Village zoning change request and use permit applications is Tuesday, April 10th. Written Testimony should be mailed and received by the Planning Commission several days before the meeting.
The meeting starts at 9am and is in the Lihue Civic Center, Moikeha building.
Meeting room 2A-2B, 444 Rice Street, Lihue. That’s the building right next door to the room you pay for your car registration and take drivers tests.
The address for sending testimony is,
Office of Boards and Commissions
Attn; Planning Commission
4444 Rice Street, Suite 150
Lihue, HI  96766
Highway repair at mile marker 22
We will probably have an update from the State Department of Transportation at the Tuesday KNA meeting regarding the damage and repairs to the highway at mile marker 22.

5 February