20 January

Kilauea Town Christmas Tree

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Many thanks to two of our local tree trimming business men, Art Mersburg and Kaleo “Paka” Chandler for jumping into their boom trucks and decorating the Kilauea Town christmas tree. This years Christmas tree and lighting ceremony were the best ever thanks to “Salsa” Sal Ochoa and all of his volunteers.IMG_3628

16 November

Kilauea Town Christmas Tree Lighting

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Want to help and get involved having some fun with your neighbors?
It takes avillage to light this big tree!

Donation Letter

16 November

KNA By-Laws Draft

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Presented for your review and up for ratification during the December 3rd meeting here are the newly revised KNA By-Laws; KNA By-Laws 11-26-13

11 November

SPAM is now being served

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Save the Playground, Art and Music is this years fundraiser for the Kilauea Elementary School art and music program with a new, safe playground thrown in. Here is the link to the poster with all the details of the November 30th event. Click on it to make it grow.

6 November

Kilauea Christmas Tree Feast, December 7th

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Let this event start off your Christmas activities.

Kilauea Christmas Tree Feast

1 November

Public Access Workshops on Kauai

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Announcing Public Access Workshops on Kauai (as in access to the process of government, not ocean access). November 12-19 by Suzanne Marinelli. Considering recent developments it might be a good time for us to, “Discover the Public’s Power in the Legislative Process.” 

This link explains it all:  
Kauai Workshops

3 September

March and Rally to pass the GMO Right To Know Bill

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March and Rally to pass the GMO Right To Know Bill #2491. Sunday, September 8th at the Vidinha Stadium at high noon!

15 August

KNA Bylaws Committee

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The KNA Bylaws committee met on August 15th with Bert Lyons, Jim Spencer and Bill Troutman to finalize details on the updated KNA bylaws. They agreed they were ready to submit them to the full board and KNA membership for discussion and approval. The following links will take you to a copy of the new proposed bylaws, the KNA charter and the old bylaws in that order;

KNA By-Laws Aug 2013
KNA Charter
KNA By-Laws

The full board and KNA membership is invited to discuss the updates at a bylaws committee meeting in the Kilauea Neighborhood Center on the evening of September 12th at 6:30.

27 May

Hanalei Watershed

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Look who’s keeping their eye on the Hanalei watershed. Print this to have a copy of things you can do to nurture our clean water source and to have phone numbers to call when you have questions or concerns.

 Hanalei Watershed Facts

22 May

Disaster Preparedness in Hawaii

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5/22 This is a new website URL www.getreadyhi.org…  with information about disaster preparedness in Hawaii. Sent from
theodore  “Ted” A. Daligdig III

Civil Defense Manager
Kaua‘i Civil Defense Agency
3990 Kana St., Suite 100
Līhu‘e,Hi 96766
Phone:  808 241- 1800
5/17 Here is recent Sub-surface data on the toxins in the soil under Aalona st. caused by old Kilauea Mill activities. Sub-surface data