14 May

Princeville Phase II zoning up for debate.

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The county planning commission has moved the General plan agenda item and the subject of Princeville resort zoning so many times it is almost impossible for the average citizen to know how or when to participate in the process of planning.
Lucky for you a few neighbors are paying attention.

All the information in this post is accurate accept the dates.
The new planning commission meeting date is Tuesday, May 23rd. @ 9am. Written testimony should be recieved by mail or email one day before the meeting. The meeting location is in room 2A-2B of the county building at 4444 Rice st., Lihue.

Your presence, your person or your testimony will carry great weight at this meeting. See the links below for more information.


This links helps understand the General Plan language for resort zoning.

General Plan language regarding future resort development

This link offers a sample letter for written testimony in favor of the proposed change.

Sample Draft Testimony





1 May
20 April

Stories of Kilauea.

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This post is a developing collection of Kilauea History that will a permanent home in the “history” section as it evolves.

First we have a priceless collection of four videos provided by local historian and scholar Gary Smith in collaboration and with the permission of the Kauai Historical Society.

Kauai Historical Society – Gary Smith – Kilauea I
Kauai Historical Society – Gary Smith – Kilauea II
Kauai Historical Society – Gary Smith – Kilauea III
Kauai Historical Society – Gary Smith – Kilauea IV

Next is an collaboration between Anaina Hou Community Park and patriarch of one Kilauea’s primary families, Jack Gushiken. Anaina Hou Community Park has a great website in addition to their great facility. One of the gems of the website is a  secti0n called “Anaina Hou, Yesterday and Today”. It includes the historical story telling of “uncle” Jack Gushiken. With permission from our neighbors at Anaina Hou we have attached links to several of those stories.

The following stories and anecdotes are written by Jack Gushiken and we hope there are more to come.

Life on the Kilauea Plantation
The Sugar Cane worker
End of the Sugar Era
World War II
O’opu, Their Last Migration
Old School Days
Kilauea Memories
Why was the Stone Dam built?
Good ole days.

2 April
1 April
31 March

Kahili (Rock Quarry) Gathering

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Own your beach in the stewardship sense. Come help continue our restoration of the classic dune ecosystem between Kahili beach and the Kahili stream estuary.

HILT’s next Volunteer Day at Kahili Beach Preserve is scheduled for Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. with Talk Story on the Land to follow from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Light refreshments will be provided. Please complete waiver in advance, if you are planning to attend.  If available, bring along trash bags and yard gloves (I will have a limited number at the site).  We’re planning to remove invasives and rubbish.

Volunteer Day Participant Release: secure.lglfor…ms.com…Ju_IsZlyQY6NA
Feel free to contact Angela Anderson at (808) 755-5707, if you have any questions, or if you would like to find out more on how to support our stewardship efforts.


30 March
4 March

KNA meeting agenda for Tuesday, March 7.

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Kilauea Neighborhood Association

Meeting Agenda

March 7th, 2017

Kilauea Neighborhood Center



Call to order 7:00pm


Treasurer’ s Report


Committee/Community Reports Beautification Committee

Planning Committee Ginny

Kahili Committee Mike

Communication Committee Tom & Shaylyn

Fundraising Committee Gary & Mike


Seniors PTSA

Ag Center Access

Kīlauea Pt. NWR


New Business

Plateau subdivision update(Andy)

Anaina Hou(Thomas)

Septic (Hugh Strom)

DOH (Larry or Willy)

Old Business


Kahili Rock Quarry Road/Somers Permit


Approval of minutes: February minutes 2017
















The KNA meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Kilauea Neighborhood Center

For more information, please visit www.KNAKauai.org… and add us on Facebook facebook.com…

4 March

Kilauea Neighborhood Center activities spring schedule

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County of Kauai

Parks & Recreation

Kilauea Neighborhood Center

2460 Keneke St

Kilauea, HI 96754


Activities Beginning: Feb 28, 2017



12:30 – 3:00pm                      Pickleball Beg.                                 Gym

3:00p – 6:00pm                      Pickleball Adv.                                  Gym

6:00p –10:00pm                     Open Basketball                  Gym



7:30am                                   EnhanceFitness                   Gym

8:00am                                   Senior Program                     NC

2:00pm                                   KPAL Basketball                   Gym

3:00pm                                   Ballet                                     NC

6:30                                         Na Koa Volleyball (Youth)  Gym



7:30am                                   Zumba                                                Gym

8am                                      Senior Program                     NC

9am                                        Pickleball                              Gym

2:00pm                                   KPAL Basketball                   Gym

7pm                                        Com. Dodgeball                   Gym



7:30am                                   EnhanceFitness                   Gym                                        8am                                        Senior Program                     NC

2:00pm                                   KPAL Basketball                   Gym

6pm                                        Com. Basketball                   Gym



8am                                        Senior Program                     NC

2:00pm                                   KPAL Basketball                   Gym

6:30pm                                  Comm. Activity                      Gym



7:30am                                   Enhancefitness                    Gym

9:00am                                   Pickleball                              Gym

2:00pm                                   KPAL Basketball                   Gym

6:00pm                                  Ping Pong                               NC

6:00pm                                   Com. Volleyball                    Gym


4 March

Last chancel for input to Kauai’s General Plan – March 8

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The Kauai Community Coalition is kindly requesting your participation in what may be the last opportunity for input to the

Planning Commission on the

2017-2035 General Plan


Wednesday March 8, 2017


Kapa’a Library

On March 14 the Planning Commission may make a motion to accept the Draft General Plan that will provide guidance for the future of Kauai up to 2035. As a group of concerned citizens that rose out of the gathering of the Neighborhood Associations, and has been following the General Plan Update review process, we will once again gather to discuss our collective messaging to the Planning Commission prior to, and at, their March 14 meeting. Although the Planning Dept. has made a concerted effort to continue to modify the Plan based on community input, many of us feel the document is not yet complete.

Please join us to discuss and plan for how we might have the greatest impact before the Draft General Plan leaves the Planning Commission and heads to the County Council. 

Look forward to seeing you at the 

Strategic Prep Meeting on March 8, 6-8 pm.

Sponsored by Members of the Kaua’i Community Coalition