3 October

Future of North Shore public High School

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I recently met with Superintendent William Arakaki and expressed our desire to get a public middle/high school built on the Northshore.  He was receptive to my outreach and suggested that I put together a packet of letters of support for the school that he would then take to the Department of Education in Honolulu.

Toward that end, I would greatly appreciate letters on behalf of the KNA Board as well as letters from parents, students, community organizations such as Rotary, the Lions, Zonta, etc.  Letters should be addressed to Superintendent William Arakaki, Department of Education, Kauai District, 3060 Ewa Street, Room 305, Lihue‎ HI‎ 96766 and should be forwarded to me at 5080 Napo’okala Circle, Princeville, HI 96722 or via email at lorrainemull808@gmail.com….  I hope to have this packet put together by mid March for hand delivery to Superintendent Arakaki.  (Please send the letters addressed to Superintendent Arakaki to me rather than directly to him as I believe that it will be more efficient to have the packet already compiled for him in lieu of individual letters.)  Any assistance that you could give me in collecting these letters would be greatly appreciated.

Up for business is a discussion on the proposed stoplight for Kilauea town. Come join the discussion or choose to sit back and let the state decide your future for you. Here is a primer for the February meeting.

The state department of transportation is proposing the installation of a stoplight at the intersection of Kolo road and Kuhio Highway to improve safety and traffic flow at the entrance to Kilauea. This is a complicated and sensitive issue among community members. The discussion at the January KNA meeting on the subject included these various comments, questions and suggestions.

  1. What happens if the light doesn’t solve the traffic problem or makes it worse. Does DOT have a back up plan?
  2. A round-about was suggested instead of a light. Comments; It takes 5-10 years to plan, the state has never installed one anywhere, it is very expensive to build, there may not be enough room to install one.
  3. Suggestion; Install a light (permanent or temporary) and continue to plan and budget for a round-about.
  4. Require future developers to finance the round-about.
  5. Kolo road residents objected to the light fearing it would increase traffic past their homes as people detoured to avoid the light.
  6. Suggestions to follow the original town plan and retain the concept of changing the main entrance to Kilauea as a location 4 or 5 hundred yards west of the Kolo road intersection.
  7. A suggestion to work with Roy McCormack of the DOT because he was likely to listen to the communities concerns.
  8. Suggestion; Lower the speed limit on the approach and through the Kilauea town area.
  9. Question; what is the specific problem the street light is supposed to be solving? Highway traffic, cars leaving Kilauea and turning right or left? etc.
  10. Suggestion; Priority is traffic calming and there are a host of additional strategies besides a street light.
  11. Suggestion; the KNA should request a copy of the DOT traffic study for Kilauea. (posted 1/20//2015)
23 September

Political Candidate Form Coming in August

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A political candidate forum at the Kilauea School Cafeteria. Don’t miss the last forum before the primary election!

August 6th between 6 and 9 pm the mayoral candidates will be at the podium. And on Thursday evening, August 7th between 6 and 9 pm we will have the county council candidates presenting positions and taking questions.  This event is sponsored by Kilauea Neighborhood Association, Kilauea School PTSA and the Hanalei to Ha‘ena Community Association. This event is open to the public.

Coming to Kilauea in August Saturday seminar: Preserving Ancient Public Access. Don’t miss this valuable gathering of our public access brain trust.

Saturday, August 16th, 9am – 5pm at the new Kauai Christian Academy Gym on Lighthouse road in Kilauea. Here is a link detailing the experts who will speak and take questions on the subject; Info flier2

Kilauea Outreach Day this August 8th many organizations are coming here to offer help. A large assortment of outreach organizations are coming to the Kilauea Neighborhood Center on Friday, August 8th between 9am and 11am to help people in need of assistance with various health and economic related issues. Click here for a thorough list of the organizations and agencies that are reaching out to help Kilauea community members. Kilauea Outreach Day. Phone numbers and organizational leaders names are provided so you can call them now if you like. If you can not attend the August assembly try Friday September 12 or Friday October 10. Same time of morning at the same location.

24 June

Kilauea Agricultural Park Public Meeting

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Kilauea Agricultural Park Public meeting this Sunday, June 29th 2014 at 5 pm in the Kilauea Neighborhood Center the board of the Kilauea Agricultural Park will bring the community up to speed on the organizational progress toward one major step in recapturing and maintaining the agricultural roots of our Kilauea community. Ag Park public Meeting flyer.pages, plus the Update again.

18 June
30 May

Kauai Mini Golf Ceremony May 30th

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Tomorrow at noon there will be a ceremony to celebrate the unvieling of a new sign off the highway on Kauai Mini Golf land. Here is a county Press Release explaining the new program.

The sign signifies the Hawaiian Moku or region of KO’OLAU – HALELE’A. In a collaboration between private and public groups and the Mayors administration the  Mokupuni of Kauai are enjoying a re-introduction to our island society.  Community members are invited to bring  (conch shells) to blow as part of the ceremony.

Please see below for information regarding the ceremony protocol, locations of each Moku sign, and parking for the event.

Protocol for the Blessing Ceremony & Unveiling of Moku Signage:
12 noon: Blowing of  (conch shells) 6 (six) times (to represent the 6 moku of Kaua’i County) towards Mt. Wai’ale’ale;

  • Oli (chant) for Kaua’i, the Moku and/or Kaua’i’s ali’i;
  •  Speech offered by a Dignitary of the Community;
  •   Unveiling of the Moku sign;
  • Ho’okupu (offering) by the community;
  •  Blowing of  to end the ceremony

Date:               May 30, 2014, Friday
Time:              12 noon

Location: Kaua’i Mini Golf Park also known as Aina Hou

Parking: Mauka (mountain) side of Kūhiō Highway. Please park at the Kaua’i Mini Golf Park and walk to the moku sign. All participants need to stay 10 ft. inland of Kūhiō Highway.

Ko’olau’s plant icon is the flower of the koko’olau (also known as ko’oko’olau). It is easy to see why this plant would be chosen for this moku by simply noticing it’s name, but koko’olau is a widely used medicinal plant. It is made into tea and has medicinal properties and is used in a variety of ways for healing. This is a very useful plant that through ingenuity hundreds of years ago became highly valued.Referred to as an i’a (fish) in Hawaiian, the ula, or spiny lobster, is highly prized as food. It’s delicate life and spawning cycle should remind us about the need for self control and proper management of natural resources around the island through lāhui, or temporary restriction periods.

The color is a cross between red (‘ula’ula, like the name of this fish) and purple, Kaua’i’s designated color since the late 1940s.


21 May

Kilauea Day In The Park

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Save the date! Hot fun in the summer time. Saturday on the big slip and slide. Great music, food and fun.

21 April

Beach Access Meeting May 5th

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We will have a beach access meeting at my house at 3007 Kaohe Rd on Monday, May 5th to discuss the County Council site visit to Kahu Aina (April 30th). The meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Contact: David Dinner
Certified Biodynamic and Visionary Craniosacral Care and Aquacranial
808 639 7845

17 April

Easter Event at Kilauea Park

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The KCOP is coordinating this years Easter event in the Kilauea Park on Saturday morning the 19th. Here is a link to all the information. Easter Hunt Flyer

5 April

KNA Beautification Committee Minutes and General Plan

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KNA Beautification Committee Minutes Minutes and General Plan- Download

27 March

Kilauea Ag Park Stewardship Approval

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Approximately 10 am – Kilauea Ag park Stewardship approval at the Thursday Kauai County Council meeting; Up on the agenda is a request for the county council to sign off on the stewardship agreement to put the Kilauea Agricultural Park back into the Kilauea community’s hands.  A showing of community members at this meeting will really help make this successful. No testimony is needed, just a show of support.

Following are more details;
Please note that the following item will be addressed during the County Council Meeting on Thursday, March 27, 2014.  The meeting as a whole begins at 9:00 a.m. Communication (03/05/2014) from the Director of Economic Development, recommending Council approval of the County of Kaua‘i Kīlauea Agricultural Park Agreement with Malama Kaua‘i and the Kīlauea Agricultural Committee relating to the Stewardship of Kīlauea Agricultural Park Complex . . .
Please plan to attend the above-referenced County Council Meeting, bringing along any designated representative(s) you would like to have present, and please be prepared to address questions regarding the above item.
If you intend to utilize a PowerPoint presentation, please reply to this E-mail with your presentation file as an attachment no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Meeting.  Please also bring to the Meeting twelve (12) hardcopies of your presentation, and any handouts you may wish to submit.
Please note that a different item (the Little Fire Ants (LFA) Resolution) has already been designated to proceed as the first item at 9:00 a.m. (possibly lasting until 10:30 a.m.).

THE KĪLAUEA AGRICULTURAL PARK LEGAL DOCUMENT ITEM HAS BEEN SCHEDULED TO BE TAKEN AS THE SECOND ITEM, AT APPROXIMATELY 10:30 A.M.  Please ensure that you and any interested community members are present in advance of this designated 10:30 a.m. time.  If the Little Fire Ants Resolution concludes early, we could potentially move on to the Kīlauea Agricultural Park Legal Document, if you are present and prepared to proceed.
If you have any questions, or would like to bring anything to my attention that should be discussed or addressed prior to the meeting, please feel free to contact me.  Mahalo.
Jenelle R. Hughes
Legislative Assistant
County of Kaua‘i, Office of the County Clerk, Council Services Division
4396 Rice Street, Suite 209
Līhu‘e, Hawai‘i  96766
Main line:  (808) 241-4188
Direct line:  (808) 241-4822
E-mail:  jhughes@kauai.gov…

KNA letter to County Council regarding Ag Park;
Letter 3-23-2014