Book drive for Kilauea School fundraiser.

Posted by on Mar 23, 2018

The success of the bookshelf at the Kilauea Bakery causes one small problem, we need more books!

100% of book sales from the Kilauea Bakery bookshelf are given to the Kilauea Elementary School. Over the years your book donations have provided considerable funding for literacy, over 51,000.00 so far. At this time we are reaching out through social media to see if we can build up a fresh supply of books for the spring and summer season.

Most of our books are donated by Auntie Helen Mitsui and her fantastic crew, including Steve Sobel at Shared Blessings Thrift Store. This effort is to help suppliment their generous supply.

Donations can be delivered to the Kilauea Bakery counter or you may call Tom at 639-4689 to make other arrangements.

Thank you all for your help!