17 April

Easter Event at Kilauea Park

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The KCOP is coordinating this years Easter event in the Kilauea Park on Saturday morning the 19th. Here is a link to all the information. Easter Hunt Flyer

27 March

Kilauea Ag Park Stewardship Approval

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Approximately 10 am – Kilauea Ag park Stewardship approval at the Thursday Kauai County Council meeting; Up on the agenda is a request for the county council to sign off on the stewardship agreement to put the Kilauea Agricultural Park back into the Kilauea community’s hands.  A showing of community members at this meeting will really help make this successful. No testimony is needed, just a show of support.

Following are more details;
Please note that the following item will be addressed during the County Council Meeting on Thursday, March 27, 2014.  The meeting as a whole begins at 9:00 a.m. Communication (03/05/2014) from the Director of Economic Development, recommending Council approval of the County of Kaua‘i Kīlauea Agricultural Park Agreement with Malama Kaua‘i and the Kīlauea Agricultural Committee relating to the Stewardship of Kīlauea Agricultural Park Complex . . .
Please plan to attend the above-referenced County Council Meeting, bringing along any designated representative(s) you would like to have present, and please be prepared to address questions regarding the above item.
If you intend to utilize a PowerPoint presentation, please reply to this E-mail with your presentation file as an attachment no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Meeting.  Please also bring to the Meeting twelve (12) hardcopies of your presentation, and any handouts you may wish to submit.
Please note that a different item (the Little Fire Ants (LFA) Resolution) has already been designated to proceed as the first item at 9:00 a.m. (possibly lasting until 10:30 a.m.).

THE KĪLAUEA AGRICULTURAL PARK LEGAL DOCUMENT ITEM HAS BEEN SCHEDULED TO BE TAKEN AS THE SECOND ITEM, AT APPROXIMATELY 10:30 A.M.  Please ensure that you and any interested community members are present in advance of this designated 10:30 a.m. time.  If the Little Fire Ants Resolution concludes early, we could potentially move on to the Kīlauea Agricultural Park Legal Document, if you are present and prepared to proceed.
If you have any questions, or would like to bring anything to my attention that should be discussed or addressed prior to the meeting, please feel free to contact me.  Mahalo.
Jenelle R. Hughes
Legislative Assistant
County of Kaua‘i, Office of the County Clerk, Council Services Division
4396 Rice Street, Suite 209
Līhu‘e, Hawai‘i  96766
Main line:  (808) 241-4188
Direct line:  (808) 241-4822
E-mail:  jhughes@kauai.gov…

KNA letter to County Council regarding Ag Park;
Letter 3-23-2014

23 February

County Access Committee Meeting

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The KNA Access Committee will meet at 9 am the morning of the County Access committee meeting. The meeting will be at David Diners house, 3007 Kaohe Road, Kilauea 639-7845, at 9 am Thursday, February 27th.   On the agenda will be discussion on Kilauea Area Beach Access Issues including; Kauapea (Secret Beach), Kilauea Falls Ranch Alaloa, Ka`aka`aniu, Waipake. Also Moloa`a Forest Reserve Access Issues including; Pilaa Luna, Jurassic Kahil, Kalaiea, Waiakalua.

23 February

Access Access Access

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If you are the type to wait for the most effective moment to make your actions count here is one of those moments. This coming Thursday, February 27 there is a County Open Space committee meeting taking place at 1 pm in the Lihue county buildings. The access to the Kilauea Waterfall will be discussed. Progress is being made toward securing access. The county has been showing signs of standing in favor. Now is the time to rally.  Attend this meeting and present testimony or email your testimony to openspace@kauai.gov… . Thank you for your effort!

Attached is the agenda for this meeting; 2014-2-27 Open Space Agenda

20 January

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge Closures

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1/20/2014 The following is a letter from the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge announcing partial closures for this year. wildlife notice

20 January

Kilauea Town Christmas Tree

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Many thanks to two of our local tree trimming business men, Art Mersburg and Kaleo “Paka” Chandler for jumping into their boom trucks and decorating the Kilauea Town christmas tree. This years Christmas tree and lighting ceremony were the best ever thanks to “Salsa” Sal Ochoa and all of his volunteers.IMG_3628

16 November

Kilauea Town Christmas Tree Lighting

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Want to help and get involved having some fun with your neighbors?
It takes avillage to light this big tree!

Donation Letter

11 November

SPAM is now being served

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Save the Playground, Art and Music is this years fundraiser for the Kilauea Elementary School art and music program with a new, safe playground thrown in. Here is the link to the poster with all the details of the November 30th event. Click on it to make it grow.

6 November

Kilauea Christmas Tree Feast, December 7th

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Let this event start off your Christmas activities.

Kilauea Christmas Tree Feast

1 November

Public Access Workshops on Kauai

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Announcing Public Access Workshops on Kauai (as in access to the process of government, not ocean access). November 12-19 by Suzanne Marinelli. Considering recent developments it might be a good time for us to, “Discover the Public’s Power in the Legislative Process.” 

This link explains it all:  
Kauai Workshops