6 November

Kilauea Christmas Tree Feast, December 7th

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Let this event start off your Christmas activities.

Kilauea Christmas Tree Feast

1 November

Public Access Workshops on Kauai

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Announcing Public Access Workshops on Kauai (as in access to the process of government, not ocean access). November 12-19 by Suzanne Marinelli. Considering recent developments it might be a good time for us to, “Discover the Public’s Power in the Legislative Process.” 

This link explains it all:  
Kauai Workshops

3 September

March and Rally to pass the GMO Right To Know Bill

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March and Rally to pass the GMO Right To Know Bill #2491. Sunday, September 8th at the Vidinha Stadium at high noon!

22 May

Disaster Preparedness in Hawaii

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5/22 This is a new website URL www.getreadyhi.org…  with information about disaster preparedness in Hawaii. Sent from
theodore  “Ted” A. Daligdig III

Civil Defense Manager
Kaua‘i Civil Defense Agency
3990 Kana St., Suite 100
Līhu‘e,Hi 96766
Phone:  808 241- 1800
5/17 Here is recent Sub-surface data on the toxins in the soil under Aalona st. caused by old Kilauea Mill activities. Sub-surface data

15 May

Hurricane Season Outlook

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NOAA has got a forecast for this years Hurricane activity:

Hurricane Season Outlook

15 May

Kauai Water Use Development Plan

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5/15 Here are two files with information regarding future supply and distribution of water on Kauai. 1990 Kauai Water Use & Development PlanFINAL_WRPP_20080828
5/15 This is the first piece of information concerning toxins in the soil property between Aalona place and Oka street. We are trying to get something more current informing us of the remediation plan. If you have that information and would like to share email Tom at bubblerings@gmail.com….kilaueapmafactsheet-final

12 May

Kilauea Playground

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5/12 The Kilauea Playground by the soccer field is heavily used and in disrepair. In such disrepair that it is dangerous. It may get a repair job through the energetic efforts of Sue Boynton.  A few more voices or letters aimed at the mayors office could help give the project a better budget priority. The playground doesn’t need a band-aid, it needs C.P.R. If you want to help Sue or need more information you may call her at 635-6056.
5/11 If you skip the first page of this the second and third pages are the approved minutes to the April meetingIMG
5/11 These are the current By-Laws of the KNA, recently proposed for an update.  IMG_0001

11 May

Kauai Proposed Landfill

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5/11 This is a notice regarding a public meeting discussing the proposed new landfill and resource recovery park. It’s at Kilauea El, May 29Community Flyer_Kauai Landfill Community Meetings
5/1 Here is the link to the Tuesday 7pm KNA meeting agenda.. for some reason it seems to be downloading to your computer instead of opening. kna-may-agenda1
5/1 Here is the link to NSPAR, the current possible versions for the North Shore Paths. http://nspath.kauaistyle.com/

5 May

Join Community Emergency Response Team

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Kauai seems to have it’s fair share of disasters. Your North Shore CERT group jumps into gear when troubles begin. No, CERT is not a breath mint. It stands for Community Emergency Response Team. Come see what they do and join if you want to be with good people. 

CERT Flyer

25 April

County and State Comments on Kilauea Lighthouse Village

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4/25 County and State comments on Kilauea Lighthouse Village.
These are links to the final comments by relevant state and county departments concerning the proposed Kilauea Lighthouse Village commercial development. It looks like the final report that will be one of the main documents referred to in the (yet to be announced) final Planning Commission meeting where public input is accepted. IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0003IMG_0004IMG_0005

(The traffic report from Dept. of Public Works is img0003)
4/25 We will try to post the date of the Kauai Planning Commission meeting that has the final Hunt development decision on it’s agenda. So far they have set and cancelled three times. Possibly because the commission is waiting for the department of public works opinion of the Hunt’s traffic survey. In the mean time…
The last chance to give public input on the Kilauea LIghthouse Village zoning change request and use permit applications is coming soon. Written Testimony should be mailed and received by the Planning Commission several days before the meeting.
The address for sending written testimony anytime is,

Office of Boards and Commissions
Attn; Planning Commission
4444 Rice Street, Suite 150
Lihue, HI  96766
The meetings start at 9am and is in the Lihue Civic Center, Moikeha building. Meeting room 2A-2B, 444 Rice Street, Lihue. That’s the building right next door to the room you pay for your car registration and take drivers tests.