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Special KNA community meeting July 20th.

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The KNA will hold a special public meeting to hear opinion and discuss a sub-division request before the county for the large parcel of land adjacent to Kilauea neighborhoods.

Wednesday, July 20th at 7 pm in the Kilauea Neighborhood Center.

The land is the Bill Haye property that encompasses a large portion of the western half of the Kilauea Plateau, the last major undeveloped area bordering Kilauea town. Andy Friend representing the land owner will attend to present plans and answer questions. At a previous meeting he said that Mr. Haye was beginning the public process of sub-dividing the parcel and explained the initial reason for the sub-division request is that the Kauai Community Federal Credit Union desires to purchase a lot located across from the post office. KCFCU is committed to bringing a branch of the Credit Union to Kilauea. KCFCU Post. In order to proceed one way to sequester a lot for KCFCU is to sub-divide the entire parcel. The parcel is over 120 acres. The proposed sub-division includes 8 parcels: a half acre piece for the Credit Union, a piece dedicated to use as a potential Kilauea bypass feeder road, a piece dedicated to a multi-use path and five large pieces currently being farmed or planned for farming. Two pieces on either side of the potential bypass road and closest to Kilauea town hold interest for Kilauea as possible sites for housing construction. It has been suggested this could be an opportunity for Kilauea to begin the highly desired project of securing, planning and developing much needed housing. It has also been suggested there are other ways to sell a small lot to KCFCU like simply amending the land owners CPR documents. Come discuss these ideas and more.

Mr. Haye is actively farming his land organically and has plans to increase his farmed acreage. The discussion will probably include the subject of the Hunt group’s possible Lighthouse village shopping center and future Kilauea growth but KNA president Yoshi L’Hote will ask that we try to keep the discussion on track in order to define town opinion on this one sub-division issue.

Hope to see you there!



14 July

Citizens Against Thieves, (CAT) accepting members.

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CAT met with Kauai Business Association Board today and they have chosen to join CAT and support our goals.  Any other great organizations that want to join and support CAT should have us meet with them and explain what we are about and how they can help our efforts to get crime off our streets. See our web site here. Citizens Against Thieves



3 July
26 June

Verizon – Anini Cellphone Tower Proposal

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Verizon is trying to solve the deadzone for it’s cellphone customers between Kilauea and Princeville. This is their proposal. Stay tuned for future public presentations at the KNA and future public hearing at the Kauai county planning commission.

Apologies. This blogger could not figure out how to rotate the scanned file. It will come up sideways. In addition to that challenge it is large 17 page document containing photos and diagrams. Good Luck!

Verizon – Anini

22 June

Recommendations for the Kauai General Plan Update

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Here is some recent work by the KNA Land Use & Planning Committee. This committee is tasked with developing a plan for the long term growth of Kilauea and informing the county of this community’s long term planning priorities.

Check these documents out and see if you agree with their work. The committee desires your feedback. Please comment during at one of the next couple of KNA meetings held regularly at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month in the Kilauea neighborhood center.

KNA Kilauea Vision Statement edits (1) 5-16

KNA General Plan Recommendations – DRAFT 5-16-2

19 June

The Kilauea Community Agricultural Center wants to know what you think.

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The Kilauea Community Agricultural Center is a ground breaking project, no pun intended. Few organizations like it exist in the state and it’s creation is a work in progress. Part of it’s development is to discover the wants and needs of the people the Ag. Center will be serving in Kilauea and on the North Shore. Please help inform them by reading the attached surveys and contacting Cherie Grousset. Choose your file type for opening, Adobe acrobat or MS Word.

KCAC.StrategicPlan.GettingStarted.7Questions KCAC.StrategicPlan.GettingStarted.7Questions

You are welcome to call or email the responses to your questions.
The deadline has been extended.
If you wish to remain anonymous, please just ask.
Send responses to Cherie Grousset

If you wish to send the answers on paper via regular mail, please send to:
Cherie Grousset
PO Box 1699
Hanalei, HI 96714

19 June

This blog posts information for Hawaii’s 2016 candidates.

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Fern Rosenstiel is first onto our page. Fern answered questions and informed the Kilauea community of her motives and positions while running for the State House representative seat 14 at the KNA meeting on June 8th. She handled challenging questions from the audience well and showed her passion for our community. Here is a link to her website; Fern Rosenstiel

Lisa Arin has been up to Kilauea the last two KNA meetings. She is running for the Kauai county prosecutor seat. Please find her website here; Lisa Arin

Stay tuned for more visits from our local candidates in future meeting agendas.

ps. We will use this post to put out a request for polling place workers. Kilauea and Kauai in general has positions available for citizens who want to get more involved in our democracy. They are volunteer positions but include a cash stipend and a chance to    be among your neighbors.  Call the county office of elections here for more information; 241-4800