3 April

KNA meeting agenda for Tuesday April 5th, 2016

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The KNA meeting is held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month inside the meeting room of the Kilauea Neighborhood Center.

Find the link to the agenda here;

April 5th, 2016 agenda

31 March

North Shore crime update

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This post compliments of C.A.T. Citizens against thieves

With special thanks to the KPD for their recent, shockingly large, meth bust in Kapaa netting approximately 7 pounds of crystal meth and the criminals.  By Lee Cataluna, Meth bust


Utilizing our extensive membership communication network, CAT members shared a series of robbery reports,  photographs of the suspected thief and his vehicle with the public as well as police.  Those efforts were applauded by KPD.

Aloha Cat,

I have an update for you to pass on. At approximately 2pm yesterday our detectives arrested the male subject in the photograph you forwarded to us. He was driving a white van that fit the description you gave. He is currently being held at the KPD Cellblock on a bail amount of $21,000. We hope he doesn’t bail out and that his prosecution will be swift and just.
I cannot share any further details at this time because this is an ongoing investigation and prosecution is not complete.
I hope this will ease some of the justified worry and anxiety that the residents have been feeling.
Please let the residents know that they still should be vigilant in reporting any suspicious activity in the area and to take precautions so they will NOT be easy victims because unfortunately there are definitely more thieves out there.
Please contact me anytime you need assistance and I’ll try my best to help.
Mark Ozaki, Property Crime Detective, KPD

News Release  For Immediate Release: March 4, 2016
Tel (808) 241-1600
Fax (808) 241-1604
Police make arrests in recent property crimes

Kaua‘i police have arrested two men in separate incidents in the past week and are asking the public to remain vigilant in helping police to locate suspects involved in property crimes.

Shortly before midnight on Thursday, Feb. 25, police responded to a report of a man who was acting suspiciously in the Hanamā‘ulu area. According to the caller, the man was pulling on vehicle door handles parked along the roadway, seemingly in an attempt to break in. A short time later, the man was reported to be located under a vehicle on Laukona Street.

Police responded and located 18-year-old Rickson Johnny of Līhu‘e. Johnny was arrested and charged with first-degree Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle. He was released on $1,000 bail while he awaits his trial set for June 6, 2016.

On Thursday, at approximately 2 p.m., police were heading north on Kūhiō Highway in Waipouli when they observed a suspect, Brandon Brown-Ho, who was wanted in connection with a property crime.

The crime occurred on February 5, when a suspect entered a residential property in Kīlauea. He broke into a storage shed and stole equipment belonging to the homeowner. Surveillance footage helped police to identify the suspect as Brandon Brown-Ho, age 31, of Kapa‘a.

Detectives initiated an arrest when they observed Brown-Ho drive onto Hoi Road, behind the Kaua‘i Village shopping center, on Thursday afternoon. He was taken into custody and booked for second-degree Burglary, second-degree Criminal Trespass, and second-degree Theft. Brown-Ho was arraigned Friday morning and subsequently transported to the Kaua‘i Community Correction Center.

“In both arrests, community involvement was critical in locating the suspects and we are grateful for the information provided to us,” stated Kaua‘i Police Chief Darryl Perry. “While we realize there is more work to do in solving property crimes, we will continue to work together with the public in hopes of holding criminals responsible and more importantly, accountable for their unlawful acts.”

The Kaua‘i Police Department urges anyone who observes a crime or suspicious activity to call police immediately. Anyone with further information on these individuals is urged to call Police Dispatch at 241-1711. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call CrimeStoppers at 241-1887.

5 March

North Shore Lions “Eat ’til you’re tired” Pancake Breakfast

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April 3rd is the breakfast, hula and fundraiser. It is in the Hanalei School Cafeteria that Sunday morning. Find your closest Lions club member for tickets or connect here;
North Shore Lions link

5 March

Public meeting for new Hanalei lookout plan.

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Please find here information about an upcoming public meeting concerning plans for a new Hanalei lookout to be located just east of the Princeville entrance.
USFW Hanalei refuge site

5 March

A bad weed. Salvinia bloom update.

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Salvinia is an aquatic weed originally from Brazil that has earned itself a top spot on the most wanted list of invasive species. It most likely entered the U.S. and Hawaii within the aquarium trade. It has been found in a limited number of Kauai fresh water streams. It poses a threat to body’s of still or low flowing water by choking out sunlight and oxygen. Unfortunately it has become established in our own Kilauea Stream. In seasons without rain storm flooding some growth control is helpful.

A plan for reducing the bloom of this fast growing aquatic fern is being formulated for the spring of 2016. The leaders of the charge will be the Kauai Invasive Species Committee. Get to know them here; KISC link

A few community volunteers may be called upon to help after brief invasive species containment training.

Please do not act alone or, as the fire fighters say, “don’t go free lancing”. We do not want Kilauea Stream water or vegetation unintentionally transferred to another watershed via trailer wheels or boat bottoms.

Look for updates here on the future plan of action

5 March

They are helping jail the thieving thieves on the North Shore.

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Citizens Against Thieves is an organization on Kauai tasking itself with several creative ways to reduce a proportionately large amount of thefts and break-ins caused by a relatively small amount of miss-guided or addicted community members.
One habit of the volunteers is to show up at hearings, talk to enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges and remind them we want results.
They are also lobbying the state legislature to pass helpful laws like Senate bil 413 that will allow video testimony for victims of crimes, like tourists, who are not on island at the time of the trial.
Here is their web site and contact information if you have a theft or break in problem, if you want to help or if you want to send testimony or a support letter for the current bill. 
C.A.T. Link

5 March

Wanted; A North Shore school.

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The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation has key four priorities. Today’s post highlights the quest to establish a “public” school option on the North Shore. Committee members from KNSCF have taken up the effort to bring education closer to home for our North Shore children. Find more information here;  
KNSCF web site link

5 March

Connect here with your Kilauea Community Agricultural Center

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IMG_8721Kilauea Community Agricultural Center blessing
‘Aina Ho’okupu o Kilauea invites the community to celebrate the inauguration and blessing of our Ag Center. Come and be part of the most significant change for Kilauea in the past few years.
I Mua Kilauea!
March 20th at 2:00 pm

Here are the plans; Kilauea Community AG Center,

Another public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 30th at 6pm in the Kilauea Neighborhood Center meeting room.

Discussion and comments related to phase one and particularly the farmers market and bathroom are requested no later than April 15th. Contact Yoshi at <yoshitol@yahoo.com…>

Here is the web site for ‘Aina hookupu o’ Kilauea and the board that over sees the Center’s development and management.
‘Aina ho’okupu o Kilauea



5 March


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1050461-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-3d-Robot-SurfingMeet Joe Kilauea. He is the KNA’s cyber surfing robot. Joe’s only known activity, besides occasionally telling a bad joke, is to broadcast news of the KNA. He announces meeting times and highlights important local issues for people like you, his special friends of Kilauea. If you would like Joe to reach out to you once a month or so send him a note and ask him here; joekilauea@gmail.com…

29 February

ALERT; Invasive aquarium plant discovered in Kilauea Stream must be stopped.

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The aquatic fern Salvinia, originally from Brazil, was first spotted by neighbors Bob and Pam Warren who contacted Raymond Kahaunaele of the Kauai Invasive Species Committee in September. Without heavy winter rains the weed has enjoyed unusually favorable growing conditions. A battle plan is being developed beginning with a physical accessment of the river today, Monday February 29th. by KNA representatives, neighbors and the KISC. A volunteer weeding effort may be neccessary as well as state approved herbicide applications. Stay tuned for a call to the boats!

The problem fern is Salvinia molesta, once commonly used in aquarium settings, but so aggressive an invader that it is now on the federal noxious weed list. It is illegal to possess the plant in the United States. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has referred to it as “possibly the world’s worst weed.”  The fern is free-floating, and while it is sterile, it reproduces readily from fragments. And that’s the problem. Salvinia under good conditions can double its water coverage in just two to three days.

Salvinia is a severe threat to fresh waterways.  Reference the incidence with Oahu’s Lake Wilson, which was 90% covered by salvinia growth in a matter of months.