Elections coming up. Nominations November 3rd. Vote December 1st.

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015
Voting Clipart

Voting Clipart

Do you want to have a say about how your neighborhood grows? Well, this is your chance, the annual elections for the Board of Directors is just around the  corner! The KILAUEA NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION is the most active of all the community organizations on Kauai.
When the Kauai CountyCouncil is reviewing a new development or a project that needs approval for a Special Management Area Permit, the Kauai County Planning  Director, Kauai Planning Commission Chair and/or the Kauai County Council refers the prospective permittee to come before the KILAUEA NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION for their opinion and review of the facts.
Do you live or own a business in the Moku of Ko’olau? (The area between Anahola and where Kalihiwai meets Princeville at the end of Anini Beach road where the stream empties into the ocean.) If your answer is no, I’m sorry to say that you are not eligible BUT you can still nominate someone who does meet our criteria.
The current KNA Board of Directors weighs heavily on the over thirty age group and in all fairness the younger millennial generation needs to be represented too! So, nominate yourself or maybe a like minded friend or relative that you know is going to represent their peers. If you feel positive that you can put their name down, please do.

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