Future of North Shore public High School

Posted by on Oct 3, 2014

I recently met with Superintendent William Arakaki and expressed our desire to get a public middle/high school built on the Northshore.  He was receptive to my outreach and suggested that I put together a packet of letters of support for the school that he would then take to the Department of Education in Honolulu.

Toward that end, I would greatly appreciate letters on behalf of the KNA Board as well as letters from parents, students, community organizations such as Rotary, the Lions, Zonta, etc.  Letters should be addressed to Superintendent William Arakaki, Department of Education, Kauai District, 3060 Ewa Street, Room 305, Lihue‎ HI‎ 96766 and should be forwarded to me at 5080 Napo’okala Circle, Princeville, HI 96722 or via email at lorrainemull808@gmail.com….  I hope to have this packet put together by mid March for hand delivery to Superintendent Arakaki.  (Please send the letters addressed to Superintendent Arakaki to me rather than directly to him as I believe that it will be more efficient to have the packet already compiled for him in lieu of individual letters.)  Any assistance that you could give me in collecting these letters would be greatly appreciated.

Up for business is a discussion on the proposed stoplight for Kilauea town. Come join the discussion or choose to sit back and let the state decide your future for you. Here is a primer for the February meeting.

The state department of transportation is proposing the installation of a stoplight at the intersection of Kolo road and Kuhio Highway to improve safety and traffic flow at the entrance to Kilauea. This is a complicated and sensitive issue among community members. The discussion at the January KNA meeting on the subject included these various comments, questions and suggestions.

  1. What happens if the light doesn’t solve the traffic problem or makes it worse. Does DOT have a back up plan?
  2. A round-about was suggested instead of a light. Comments; It takes 5-10 years to plan, the state has never installed one anywhere, it is very expensive to build, there may not be enough room to install one.
  3. Suggestion; Install a light (permanent or temporary) and continue to plan and budget for a round-about.
  4. Require future developers to finance the round-about.
  5. Kolo road residents objected to the light fearing it would increase traffic past their homes as people detoured to avoid the light.
  6. Suggestions to follow the original town plan and retain the concept of changing the main entrance to Kilauea as a location 4 or 5 hundred yards west of the Kolo road intersection.
  7. A suggestion to work with Roy McCormack of the DOT because he was likely to listen to the communities concerns.
  8. Suggestion; Lower the speed limit on the approach and through the Kilauea town area.
  9. Question; what is the specific problem the street light is supposed to be solving? Highway traffic, cars leaving Kilauea and turning right or left? etc.
  10. Suggestion; Priority is traffic calming and there are a host of additional strategies besides a street light.
  11. Suggestion; the KNA should request a copy of the DOT traffic study for Kilauea. (posted 1/20//2015)

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