Reward offered. Catch these criminals. New leads.

Posted by on Dec 9, 2016

Citizens Against Theives C.A.T. shares these new leads and more. To join this active Kilauea Neighborhood watch group go to;…

All CAT members, get these pictures out to everyone.  Someone knows these thieves.  There is still a $1,000 reward for arrest and conviction.  Let’s stop these thieves. Kahili Makai needs to get a better neighborhood watch and set up a camera to record who comes down their street.

Just wanted to bring you attention to another break in we had this morning. Fortunately I had installed new cameras and was able to scare them off before they could take anything. The whole video shows how they trick the garage door to open and I am currently researching how to fix this. I think this could happen to anyone. This is best I can do. “Call of duty  black ops” t shirt is good one to look out for.

Do you recognize these numbskulls?

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