The Kilauea Neighborhood Association and its Beautification Committee, Gary Smith Chairperson, humbly introduces our KILAUEA PRIDE campaign!   Shortly you will see banners and placards throughout the community that announce the rekindling of a long time community tradition from the plantation days.   That is one of knowing your neighbors and taking pride in your property and dwelling.  Beyond your immediate surroundings we have a neighborhood with several parks, a Gym and Neighborhood Center, Kahili Beach, Kilauea Community Agricultural Center, Wildlife Refuge, a landscaped community entry, scenic lookouts, walking paths and so much more!  These are things we enjoy and even take for granted, they are also screaming out for a little love and respect!   This is where we as proud residents of Kilauea come in, for what better way is there in getting to know each other than by volunteering in the betterment of our community? 

The hope of the Kilauea Pride Campaign is that our message is clearly heard by our community and the county workers who toil here.  We do not want status quo!  We want performance that exudes PRIDE!  To achieve this we cannot sit on the sidelines and complain we must perform and set the example by working towards achieving the standards of beauty and cleanliness that we desire.

To be successful the campaign will serve as the vessel in which public spirited Kilaueans as well the business community, and Non-Profit organizations can participate, by directing their efforts toward the public good of the greater community.   We are here not only to coordinate special work days but also to utilize your desire to show community pride in volunteering for something that you are passionate about.   Do you like sports for youth as well as adults?  Recreation?  How about the sunset view?  Are you interested in plants and sustainable agriculture?  What about Hawaiian culture and native plants?  Wildlife?  Surfing, fishing, swimming at the beach?   If it is your passion, what are you doing to improve whatever it is you are interested in, if not passionate about? 

We have identified the following organizations that could use volunteers.  Contact us or feel free to contact them directly.  It will be the best thing you can do for yourself and our community.

KIA’I KAHILI (Kahili Guardian):  Serving as the community liaison with the USFWS and Hawaiian Islands Land Trust to help manage and protect this valuable community recreational resource.  Mehana Blaich Vaughn: 652-3608  

KILAUEA COMMUNITY AG CENTER:  Providing Kilauea Community with opportunities to participate in sustainable organic farming and fresh market to table produce.  Malu L’Hote: 639-6700

‘AINA HO’OKUPU O KILAUEA (Gifted Lands of Kilauea):  Founded by the late Dr. Gary Blaich.  Created as a not for profit organization to serve as an administrative vessel by which agricultural land and lands in general can be utilized for the greater good of the community.  Yosh L’Hote: 652-0069

ANAINA HOU (New Gathering):  Creating a gathering spot for the Kilauea Community by providing facilities for meetings, social gatherings and entertainment as well as healthy recreational venues that include families.  Maile Walters  855-5748

NA KIA’I O NIHOKU (The guardians of Nihoku [Crater Hill]): Committed to the planting and care of native plants and the promotion and restoration of Hawaiian cultural uses at Nihoku and the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge.   Olena Molina: 634-2998

KILAUEA CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION IN THE PARK:  Hosted by the musical duo Kellen and Lihau Paik known as Kupaoa (exceedingly fragrant), whose desire is to share the aloha for the Christmas Season by raising our Christmas spirits with this community celebration.  Scheduled for Dec. 22, 2018.  Gary Pacheco: 652-2323

For additional projects or new ideas that you might have, or just to sign up in advanced to be notified about special workday projects.  Please contact Gary Smith 635-6591.   Our first workday project is slated for 8 am on Nov 3, 2018 at the Kilauea Gym and Park.