Board & Committees

Board of Directors

The Kīlauea Neighborhood Association (KNA) Board of Directors is elected upon a “7 and 7” system with 14 directors elected by the community. Each year there are seven outgoing directors and seven carryover directors.  Each seven new directors are elected for a two-year term.  This is done for the purpose of maintaining continuity.

President: Yoshito L’Hote
Vice President: Jake Bernard
Secretary: Jeremy Burns
Treasurer: Gary Pacheco
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bill Chase

Fundraising & Events: Jill Lowry
Communications: Thomas Daubert
Planning: Sarah Wright
Elections: TBD

Volunteer Positions
Kīlauea School PTSA Representative: Sonrisa Stepath, [email protected]
Kīlauea Seniors Representative: Elli Ward, [email protected]
Beautification: Gary Smith, 635-6591, [email protected]

Board of Directors – Contact and Term Information

Term expires end of 2023:
Yoshito L’Hote: 652-0069, [email protected]
Stephenie Brown: 346-0211, [email protected]
Bill Chase: 639-3509, [email protected]
Mike Latif: 651-5674, [email protected]
Mike Lyons: 482-1572, [email protected]
Kalena Pacheco: 639-7529, [email protected]
Ron Paul

Term expires end of 2024:
Jeremy Burns: 797-2070, [email protected]
Jake Bernard: 635-1135, [email protected]
Thomas Daubert: 442-2108, [email protected]
Jill Lowry: 707-328-9311, [email protected]
Nathan Myers: 808-278-7987, [email protected]
Gary Pacheco: 652-2323, [email protected]
Sarah Wright: 650-576-9875, [email protected]