1 February

February 2019 Meeting Agenda

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Kilauea Neighborhood Association

Meeting Agenda: February 5, 2019
Kilauea Neighborhood Center

Call to order 7:00pm

Treasurer’s Report

Committee/Community Reports

  • Beautification Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Fundraising Committee


  • Seniors
  • PTSA
  • Ag Center
  • Kīlauea Pt. NWR

New Business

  • Mayor Kawakami and all the heads of Departments

Old Business

  • Report on officers


Approval of minutes: January 2019 minutes


1 June

Aloha from the Kilauea Neighborhood Association

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Kilauea, Kauai is the most northern inhabited point in the Hawaiian island chain. It’s just us humans and thousands of seabirds soaring above the cliffs and the lighthouse at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

With its shoulders wrapped in a green shawl of rain forest and its toes dipped in the big, blue Pacific Kilauea is irresistably beautiful. This town was established around the Kilauea Sugar Plantation in 1877. The families who worked and lived here chose not to forget the close bond of a small community as the plantation faded away. Besides a propensity towards including new neighbors in pick-up softball games, driving around town with an Ukelele band in a flatbed truck singing joyfully at Christmas and cleaning up beaches together we gather monthly to discuss more serious but no less entertaining issues.

So as the sun sets and you are faced with the fact that this is a rural community without many night life options, consider a gathering that takes place on the first Tuesday of every month just after sunset. Come join us at the monthly KNA meeting and connect with your neighbors.